By: Jeff Esper | November 06, 2015

Cyber Panel

It was our pleasure sponsoring yet another successful Partner Day hosted by Central Ohio RIMS. It was held at  Wendy's Corporate HQ in Dublin, OH. The Wendy’s conference center was one of the nicest and well equipped venues I’ve seen for a RIMS event. 

The agenda was complete with current events and relevant topics for all industries. Each topic involved a panel of experts with a moderator leading the discussion. 

The topics were as follows:

  • Workers Compensation and Marijuana

  • Millennials

  • Product Recall

  • Active Shooter

  • Cyber Liability/ Disaster Recovery                                                                                                                    

(Pictured above from left to right: Spencer Timmel- Hylant, Diane Reynolds- Taft Stettinium & Hollister, David Fine- FBI, Brian Minick- Morphick Cyber and Moderator, Bob Bowman- The Wendy's Company)

We would like to congratulate the Chapter Officers, Panelists and other contributors for a job well done. 

Looking forward to next year!

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By: Jeff Esper | October 26, 2015

Jim Gillespie & Jeff Esper presenting to SV RIMS at Intel

It's been a busy year of delivering presentations for us. We've been asked to present across the United States at RIMS chapters and regional RIMS conferences. It's an honor and a pleasure to present at RIMS events and we're always working to keep the material fresh and interesting.

For example, our presentation for Silicone Vally RIMS (pictured above) hosted at Intel HQ, featured case examples relevant to companies in the region. The meeting was sold out weeks prior for our presentation which was on Business Interruption Values and Exposures. It was an interactive presentation with an engaged audience. Contingent Business Interruption seemed to be hottest topic filled with questions and comments from the RIMS attendees. CBI has become a bigger part of the BI Values equation especially among companies who depend heavily on suppliers around the world.

International events such as the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 from which the total damages are estimated at $300 billion dollars (about 25 trillion yen), according to the Japanese government have spurred the increased attention to this risk area. 

For more information about our presentations, click on the Sharing tab above.

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By: Jeff Esper | March 27, 2015

March 10, 2015: Orange County RIMS

Jim Gillespie and Jeff Esper presented to the Orange County RIMS Chapter on the topic of Property Damage Claim Challenges. They shared the most common pitfalls that influence the timing and recovery of property claims through an engaging and interactive luncheon presentation.

To learn more about the topic, submit the request form on this page for our featured Insights Brief, Property Damage Claim Pitfalls

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By: Jeff Esper | December 03, 2014

Chris Hess, Pittsburgh Partner at RWH Myers, participated on the forensics panel at the 2014 Partner Day RIMS meeting in November. Partner Day consisted of various panel discussions throughout the day. Chris represented the forensic accounting service of claim preparation.

The questions posed to Chris led him to share several claim stories, best practice tips for risk managers and recommendations that could be applied immediately. During the Q&A several questions were directed at Chris. One of which was related to Professional Fees Coverage limits and another was actually a compliment on the approach Chris took on a claim in anticipation of the adjusters argument. The risk manager was impressed by the ingenuity used to resolve the claim. To Chris and the other Partners of RWH Myers, it's not out of the ordinary. In fact, it's what we expect from our team for our clients.

Watch a clip on professional fees below...

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By: Jeff Esper | October 24, 2014

Jeff Esper, the Director of Marketing, and Jerry Liberatore, CFE, presented Understanding Employee Dishonesty in the Workplace at the Great Lakes Regional RIMS conference in October 2014. This topic is relevant to everyone although the Risk Managers in the audience appreciated it most. As a part of Crime Coverage, Employee Fidelity presents a challenging risk to organizations in any industry. Though some may think of Retail employee theft, Jeff and Jerry shared a variety of theft cases from theft of parts sold as scraps to stealing funds. They discussed the most frequent offenses and the best ways to detect and prevent them. When the loss results in an insurance claim, the forensic accountants and CFE's investigate and measure the financial impact of the loss. Jerry explained the techniques they use to piece together the data even when much of it was hidden or destroyed. One of the highlights of the presentation was a clip from the cult classic film, Office Space, in which disgruntled employees launched a virus that would skim fractions of a penny and deposit them into a private account.

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By: Jeff Esper | October 17, 2014

RWH Myers Pittsburgh based Partner, Chris Hess, presented to a full room of Risk Management professionals from MI, OH and PA at the 2014 Great Lakes conference. Chris was accompanied by Tim Flaherty from Alcoa who spoke from the risk management perspective and emphasized the importance of having adequate coverage for Claim Preparation, also known as Professional Fees Coverage. Chris shared his insights on BI valuation, PD claim preparation and working with insurance side adjuster and accountants. Chris and Tim have worked on several complex losses together and shared their stories throughout. The room was filled and after the session Chris and Tim were surrounded by attendees with follow-up questions.

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By: Christopher Hess | September 17, 2014

October 1 – 3, 2014

Northeast Ohio Regional RIMS Conference

Cleveland, OH

RWH Myers has been selected to give two presentations at this year’s conference. Chris Hess and Tim Flaherty, Risk Manager at Alcoa, will present "Business Interruption: Case Study and Overview”. The second presenation, "Employee Dishonesty: Understanding Fraudulent Behavior in the Business Sector" will be presented by Jeff Esper and Jerry Liberatore. Please join our session to learn about these pressing topics. We look forward to meeting everyone that will be able to attend.

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