RIMS 2018: Jim Gillespie, RWH Myers and Todd Marumoto, Director, Risk Management at Mattel

Knowledge Is Power

RWH Myers brings their Insights from our 30 plus years of experience to the stage, offering live presentations for individuals, groups and associations. We have given presentations to brokers, attorneys and industry groups. We've been selected for the 2018 RIMS Annual Conference , PRIMA Annual conference and URMIA's annual conference. Regardless of the venue, we make sure the information delivered is current, relevant and entertaining.

As the leading independent forensic accounting claim specialists, it's our goal to empower policyholders with ideas that can be taken back to their office and applied to their risk management program. We have a variety of topics to chose from, listed below, and we're always willing to tailor the material to suit the needs of the audience.

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2018 RIMS Perk Programs

NEW! Presentation Skills That Will Make Your Point Stick

Distinguish yourself by defining, designing and developing powerful presentations that are interesting entertaining and effective. This session will cover skills to engage your audience and make your message memorable such as asking open-ended questions, telling relatable stories and key message repetition. 


Managing the Risks of Claim Recovery

Calculating business interruption for insurance recovery may seem straightforward, but even the simplest BI loss may have a variety of complexities. There are numerous factors in play from notification to presenting the claim. Getting to the best answer is just as much of an art as it is a science. 


NEW! FEMA Claims Management and Accounting

Learn risk management techniques to maximize recovery from both insurance and FEMA claim submissions. Knowing how to handle claim preparation during a declared disaster brings order to a chaotic situation and reduces time and aggravation with this complicated claim process. 

Additional Programs

NEW! Managing Cyber Risks from the Inside Out

The number one concern of risk managers is the unknown - that is how cyber risks can be identified and quantified.  Grapple with ever-changing cyber and network security risks from the "inside - out." Learn how to quantify the cyber threat to your company using cyber exposure wheel analysis. Take away a quantitative-based strategy to apply to cyber and other risk areas.

BI Values & Exposures: Identifying, Communicating and Differentiating Your Risk

As presented at the 2018 RIMS Annual Conference, this session delivers vital information every company needs to know. It covers the basics of BI worksheets, including what information they are meant to convey and why they may not accurately represent your organization's risk. It also discusses the challenges in allocating BI by physical location for the schedule of values, and compiling consistent and accurate reporting from different business units. Finally, this session offers a proven methodology for determining realistic BI exposures as opposed to annual, consolidated values, and demonstrates how this can benefit underwriting renewals and program marketing. 

Property Damage Claim Challenges

Property damage claims can seem simple at the outset, just submit some vendor invoices.  However, a myriad of issues can introduce challenges and put full recovery at risk. This program addresses the ways risk managers can proactively manage the claim process to achieve optimal results and avoid common pitfalls. This will include pre-loss planning, not-so-obvious measurement issues, and the surprisingly high occurrence of problematic contractor billings and how to avoid them. This session is available to all RIMS Chapters in the contiguous United States.

NEW! It's About Time - Quantifying Time Element Claims

This session describes the fundamentals of time element coverage and goes into detail on the methods of calculating a loss for an insurance claim. We explain the documentation requirements and needed to satisfy auditors and to substantiate your claim. In addition, we will discuss hurricane deductibles and share real world examples from hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. Attendees will take away suggestions to be addressed at renewal time to ensure the best outcome for future claims.

Updated! Understanding Employee Dishonesty

Employee dishonesty is not only an insurance issue, but it's a social, legal and sometimes a personal issue. Internal controls are essential, but knowing the facts, stats and trends will help you understand the reality of this exposure. This presentation is a perfect blend of telling facts, practical scenarios and real life examples that are sure to shed light on one of the darkest risk areas.